A film centered around the unveiling of Malmö FF's new match jersey for 2024, highlighting its significance as more than mere fabric—it embodies the essence of the club. This jersey symbolizes the profound sense of belonging and pays homage to the enduring legacy shared by Malmö and MFF since 1910.
Furthermore, we aimed to leverage the evocative power of music to deeply resonate and amplify these emotional connections, with a specially composed version of the song 'Malmö stad' by Familjen.


In essence, our goal was to infuse the new match jersey with the entirety of this historical and emotional legacy. As you watch the film, we want you to experience, both physically and emotionally, that this isn't just another annual jersey. It stands as a living tribute to the illustrious history of Malmö and MFF. To wear it is to honor and preserve this century-old heritage.
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